Private Lessons

Private Lessons

In our private lessons, I try to focus on teaching the human how to communicate with their dog, rather than focusing on teaching the dog how to sit, down or stay. I will definitely teach you how to show your dog how to do those things, but training boils down to the owner/dog bond and how they communicate together. If that bond is broken or just not there, the dog will be less likely to want to interact with the owner, than if the bond is strong and fluid. 

We offer the following packages...

Crazy to Polite Dog Manners Package (4 lessons)

Public Manners Package (6 lessons)

These are lessons that will last roughly 1 hour - to 1 hour and 30 mins. 

In-home Private lessons


Package of 4 for $150

Package of 6 for $250.

* Cost is for the lesson only. There is a mileage charge for anything over 10 miles from my home base. The mileage charge is $0.75/mile. This will be charged separately.

At Facility Lesson


Package of 4 for $120.

Package of 6 for $200.

Need Help?

Do you need assistance with your dog? Please, feel free to leave a message on the form and I'll get in touch with you.